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Waltr Pro - An ITunes Alternative

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

iTunes used to be a great way to move files between your Mac or PC and your iOS device. You could move files quickly between your device and your Mac or PC. You can now use Software Waltr Pro as an alternative to iTunes. Also, everything was kept in one place, so users didn't have to deal with any problems, and it was easier to manage the media files. Also, back in the good old days, it was easier to convert MP3 files to an iPhone. After the Mac Catalina update, it was broken up into separate Apple apps like Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Books, Apple Finder, etc. It became impossible to imagine how much harder it could get to manage files.

Alternative to ITunes

But if we're being honest, iTunes was never thought of as "perfect." We were just keeping up with everything we had at the time, right?

We now have a lot of options besides iTunes that let us move files from iPhone to PC and Mac and back again. But this is pretty much the end of it.

Softorino Waltr Pro

On the other hand, Waltr PRO has been a huge success since it came out. There's no question that this is a great alternative to iTunes and more.

There are many reasons why Waltr PRO is the best, but in a nutshell, it has everything that iTunes didn't have and a lot more.

Let me tell you more about it so you can get a better idea of what it is and how it can be your next best alternative to iTunes.


First of all, this software is very simple to use. I think it is the easiest alternative to iTunes you will ever find.

Most people think that transferring media files or making iPhone ringtones is a cumbersome and hard process. Thankfully, this is not the case with this app!

It has a simple interface that even a five-year-old can use well. Everything you need is right in front of you, and it's easy to choose.

Transferring files:

WALTR PRO for Mac is still the easiest way to move files from one computer to another without any problems. So, you don't have to worry about compatibility if you need to open any file on your iPhone. Here's what happens:

  1. You can drag and drop any file into any tile.

  2. WALTR PRO automatically finds the file, changes it to the right format, and sends it where you want it to go.

  3. DONE

waltr pro drag and drop

The Waltr PRO app is an alternative to iTunes that makes it easy to move files, especially now that Apple has stopped making the iTunes app. You can send files from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using Waltr Pro.

The original file doesn't have to be in a format that doesn't work with iOS and iPadOS because WALTR PRO will automatically find it and change it into a format that does.

The whole thing goes quickly and smoothly.

Transfer files to stock apps quickly

Before, we talked about how to move an unsupported file format after it has been converted. But what if you have files that work with iOS already? Since WALTR PRO is an alternative to iTunes, it is easy for it to do this.

Here's a song as an example: (mp3).

You can drag and drop the files onto the "Drop to convert and add to iPhone" tile.

The files will be sent to the Music app and shown there.

Transfer iPhone/iPad files to a third-party app

Everything sounds wonderful, but what if you want to:

  1. Instead of Apple TV, you can use the VLC app to watch the changed video.

  2. Would like to move e-books to the Kindle app.

  3. Having PDFs inside PDF Expert

Waltr PRO gives a list of apps that work with each file type.

Edit Metadata & Cover Art

In 2016, Softorino added ACR, which stands for Automatic Content Recognition. This feature lets users scan and automatically fill in missing metadata.

Cover art and metadata can now be changed by hand in the WALTR PRO application. Hold the "Ctrl" key down while you drag and drop files to have full control over how your media looks.

Waltr Pro Edit Metadata


Waltr Pro is a great app for making sure that your data, audio files, and video files are compatible with iOS devices. The process of conversion and transfer is quick and easy. Using a third-party app to manage your files is a great advantage. This well-designed app is so easy to use that anyone can do it. Only three blocks make up the interface, which is very simple. This app isn't expensive, and it can save iOS and Mac users a lot of time and effort by making sure their data is compatible and making it easy to move files. I intend to write additional articles about softorino products. If you want to know when I do, make sure you sign up for the newsletter. Also, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see reviews of amazing products like this one in video form.

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