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Top 6 Ways to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

It can be very frustrating when your favorite app doesn't work, especially when you're trying to add photos or stories to your Snapchat profile. I understand how bothersome this may be. There are, however, solutions to the problem. Today, we'll go over several methods for resolving Snapchat loading picture problems.

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How to Fix Snapchat when Snaps Won't Load?

Why are my Snapchat photos not loading?

How Do I Fix Snapchat Pictures That Aren't Loading?

Solution 1: Restart your Phone

Solution 2: Allow Snapchat Permission

Solution 3: Clear Snapchat's Cache

Solution 4: Check Internet Stability

Solution 5: Reconfigure Your WiFi DNS

Solution 6: Update or reinstall Snapchat


How to Fix Snapchat When Snaps Won't Load?

There is no clear reason why Snapchat crashes when a picture is being loaded. But this happens all the time. Switching between WiFi and mobile data and then reopening the app is a quick way to fix this. Check to see if the server is down for everyone or if the problem is just with you. Don't worry if the problem keeps happening; we have a full guide on how to fix the Snapchat picture loading problem.

Why Snapchat Won't Load Photos?

Snapchat, a multimedia messaging service, is one of the most popular apps today. A popular app among youngsters allows users to engage in photo-based chats and experience the most inventive filters.

Its features enable users to preserve streaks and record their activities with photographs and short films. The most unusual aspect of the software is that the images vanish after the receiver has viewed them. Over the years, they have developed a variety of new features.

As much as the program shocks users with new creative filters, it also includes negative surprises, such as improperly loading snapshots and stories. Numerous users have experienced issues with images failing to load or the camera crashing. Let us determine what the issue is and how to fix it.

  1. You might not have yet installed an update for Snapchat.

  2. Too much-cached data is present in the program.

  3. The network connection you are using is broken.

  4. The app is not running.

There could be a number of other technical issues as well. Each of these errors has a solution that can restore the app's functionality. Continue reading to learn how to fix the problem.

How Do I Fix Snapchat Pictures That Aren't Loading?

Solution 1: Restart your Phone

The easiest and most common way to fix any error is to turn off your phone and open the app again. You will need to restart your mobile device if the app doesn't load. Depending on your mobile device's operating system, the following instructions will help you restart it.

  1. For Android users, simultaneously press the power button and the volume down button. Follow the instructions on the following screen. On some phones, tapping the power button for an extended period of time shows the Reboot and Power Off, Reboot, fix, and restart options. Click Restart.

  2. For iPhone and iPad users: Press and release the Volume up button, then press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears.

If restarting does not fix the Snapchat problem, proceed to the next step.

Solution 2: Allow Snapchat Permission

snapchat app permissions

Ensure that your application has the necessary permissions for proper operation. Snapchat requires access to your Phone, Location, Storage, and Other Permissions. If one of these requirements is unchecked, error messages will be displayed. Use these steps to determine whether Snapchat has access to your phone's permissions.

  1. Launch Snapchat, go to Profile, check Settings, and tap Permissions. Here, it will list the missing permissions. Please enable them.

Verify that the error has been fixed. If not, let's go to the next procedure.

Solution 3: Clear Snapchat's Cache

Every time you use an app, your phone downloads specific media files. Images and videos are regularly downloaded because Snapchat is a multimedia application. It is possible that Snapchat photos will not load if one of these several files fails. So delete Snapchat's cache. Here's how it's done:

clear the cache of Snapchat
  1. Go to Settings - Apps - Snapchat - Storage. Now, select Clear Cache.

  2. Launch Snapchat. Scroll to the bottom of your profile's Settings and select Clear Cache.

Solution 4: Check Internet Stability

If the network connection is unstable, errors in loading the app are also possible. Try switching between your mobile and WiFi networks. If your WiFi isn't working, try restarting your router. To test, unplug the device for five minutes, then re-plug and reconnect it. If this does not work, you should change your WiFi DNS.

Solution 5: Reconfigure Your WiFi DNS

DNS refers to a domain name system that is connected to the Internet via IP (Internet Protocol). Changing the DNS can sometimes improve an app's performance. Follow these steps to change your WiFi DNS:

Snapchat Loading Picture - DNS Change
  1. Navigate to Settings, then to WiFi settings, and finally to Modify Network. As a result, network options will appear.

  2. Change the IP settings to static by clicking on Advanced Settings.

  3. Now, you should change the DNS1 and DNS2 to and, respectively. This is DNS from Google.

  4.  Open the app right away to test it out.

Solution 6: Update or reinstall Snapchat

If nothing else seems to be working, try deleting and reinstalling the application. While downloading the app, the most recent update will be installed. Long-pressing the app's icon will allow you to uninstall it. Install it again from the App Store. By now, the error (Snapchat Loading Picture) should have been resolved


When using Snapchat, some users tend to face some problems with the app. Snapchat will not allow you to view the pictures in chat or stories because of some problems with your internet connection or device.

People send snaps every day and post their stories on Snapchat, but if they send you a photo or snap, you can't view it. This problem can be caused by your internet connection, which is probably the major issue, your device has a bug, or Snapchat is down.

If you have the problem, switch to a better internet connection, and then restart your phone, update the app and see if Snapchat will load images in chat.

You'll see that if you use another device to log in to your account, you'll be able to easily load the photos or snaps in chat and stories.

And with the guides we've written, you can fix Snapchat photos that aren't loading.

Tell us which method you are going to us in the comment section.

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