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Grammarly Vs ProWritingAid : Which one is The Best Software?

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Intro Grammarly VS ProWritingAid We’re doing a review of Grammarly VS ProWritingAid. Now, I guess you’re reading this article because you want to figure out if Grammarly is worth it for the extra cost.

Pricing After all, the yearly subscription is what we’re looking at on-screen right here. Plus, the Plus means that there is a plagiarism check added to ProWritingAid. So that will run you $89 , roughly $7 and 41 cents a month. If you go with the annual plan, they offer this a lifetime plus. If you want to go to. But if we’re looking at Grammarly, that same plan, if you do an annual, is 12 bucks.

ProWritingAid Price

So roughly about $4 and 60 cents extra a month for Grammarly. Now I will tell you right off the bat that I think it’s worth it. And I think by the end of this review, you agree with me?

Now let’s get into the tools themselves and do a side-by-side example of why I think Grammarly is more effective.

Grammarly Price

Average Reading Level Now, the first thing I wanted to do was I wanted to look up the average reading level in America. So it says seventh to eighth grade. And the reason for that is that I tried to find a piece of writing that was average. So I went back here and went to Google searching for examples of eighth-grade writing and ended up on this website. Here looks like some school district outside. And the first writing sample is here. The next thing I did was I tried to copy and paste this into Grammarly, which I couldn’t. So I had to write it word for word into the Grammarly tool.

Suggestions So when you take this piece of writing and put it into Grammarly, what you’re going to see right off the bat is that there are 27 suggestions on how this writing can be improved.

8th Grade Writing Sample

If you compare that to what we see over here on ProWritingAid in the upper left-hand corner, you can see 7 suggestions. So that’s a pretty big difference when you almost have more than double the amount of suggestions. Now the reason for that is with ProWritingAid. It’s mostly looking for grammar and typos, where if we go back to Grammarly on the right-hand side, you can see that that’s, what’s being mentioned here for correctness, but then it does a lot with clarity.

ProWritingAid Sample Report

So there are 11 different issues on here with clarity and a little bit of issue with engagement and then delivery of the writing piece itself.

Layouts The other thing you probably noticed right away Is that the layout is a lot cleaner on Grammarly if you’re looking at this. So what they do is they make the writing the focus and give you all of your suggestions. And then, you can work through them quickly on the sidebar here. And then, if you want to do anything down here, as far as formatting, you have that available.

Grammarly Layout

But if we go back to ProWritingAid, in my opinion, they give you way too many things to look at as soon as you’re on the board here. So maybe if you’re really, really into writing, there might be something in here that I might be missing.

ProWritingAid Layout

But to me, what I’m looking for is a tool that can take my writing, analyze it, make it smoother, make it. And be able to do it quickly.

Clarity Explained So why don’t we go back to Grammarly? Because I think it’s a little bit more interesting if you’re looking at things such as clarity, because correctness, we all understand that stuff that pops up even on a Google doc spellchecker, or if you’re using my word doc or anything like that, what if we show clarity issues?

Grammarly Clearity

These are the ones underlying them. You’ll see that it’s saying right here that this sentence may be considered wordy; consider changing the wording so we can, one-click does. And then, just like that, we can take this, an entire paragraph, this text here and reduce it down quite a bit. Now I believe that it was at 164 words before. So what I can do very quickly and I’m not going to, you know, I’m just going to go with their suggestions. I can whittle down this writing and get it to be concise. So it appears that the man was maybe unnecessary in the sensor and considered. So again, just one-clicking this, I’ve quickly gone from 164 words. Hopefully, my memory is correct down to 151, and we have a much more concise piece of writing. So with ProWritingAid, that’s not available to you because it’s just looking at the typos.

Google Docs Comparison         So the next thought I had. What does this look like if I put this same piece of writing into a Google doc? How does ProWritingAid compare to just a free service, like the grammar and typos on Google Docs?

Google Docs Grammar Check

So we count these up real quick. 8 different issues were found on this Google doc and only 7 on ProWritingAid. So that, to me, is a pretty big red flag. And one of the last ones here, the latest issue that it came up with, is this sentence here, which is a weird sentence but keep in mind, an 8th grader writes it.

So we count these up real quick. 8 different issues were found on this Google doc and only 7 on ProWritingAid. So that, to me, is a pretty big red flag. And one of the last ones here, the latest issue that it came up with, is this sentence here, which is a weird sentence but keep in mind, an 8th grader writes it.

stories are about docs

But it’s piggybacking off of the last sentence, and it says one if that person is into whatever the story’s about. So this right here, the story is about, it’s a little bit like kind of slang. Really. It should say stories are about, so I can one-click this and fix that issue. It is now going back to ProWritingAid.

stories are about Prowritingaid

You will not see any issues with that sentence whatsoever, even though it’s a pretty awkward sentence. Now, if we go to Grammarly and go to all suggestions, what it does is it goes a little bit further than what you saw with Google docs, where it just said, you know what you should throw in the are about, and this is stating the delivery is slightly off.

stories are about grammarly

So in this particular case would click here. It’s saying the preposition at the end of a sentence and that this is creating an issue and its odd for the reader. So if you want a little bit more, you can click here, and it’ll pop open, you know, different examples of what a preposition at the end of the sentence. But I like this the best because it’s saying, Hey, just adding that stories are about still off a little bit. so the delivery is slightly off. So I think just this quick example shows you the difference between Grammarly ProWritingAid and even a free service like Google Docs. So, in my opinion, I believe that Grammarly has a lot more funds available to invest back into the tool. We were looking at the UI and UX of the two tools. And again, looking at that, I think it’s a lot cleaner on Grammarly, where it looks a little bit messy here on prorate.

Readability I also want to talk about this right here. This is valuable, mainly if you write content online. I used to manage a blog at a company that got about a quarter million visitors per month on the blog. And one of the things that I came across was that the number of characters you’re putting in a line should be reduced. So in this particular case, you can see that a lot is going on here, and I’m going to copy and paste this back into Grammarly because I’ve made some edits on here, so if I paste that same story right here. Well, you’re going to see is that the first line ends with, and there are some people, but if we go back over here, you can see that it says, and there are some people who don’t like horror. So these extra words right here is creating more clutter. And the actual mine spacing here is too tight as well. And if you go back to Grammarly, it’s more spaced out. So I used to run tests on my blog at work. And one of the things I found was that if you increase the spacing between the lines and reduce the number of characters per line, it makes it more readable for people. So when you’re writing for people, especially online, it’s not just about the grammar and the flow of the community. But it’s also how it’s structured on the page. And I also made the font size a little bit bigger, and I made the color of the font darker. And what I found from looking at Google analytics was that my average time on the page started to increase. It wasn’t substantial, like three to 5%, but just by making those tweaks, It made my writing more readable for the user.

Conclusion So, in my opinion, Grammarly was founded three years earlier, and it’s a more successful tool. They’ve been able to invest more funds into the tool to make it more effective. Grammarly has developed an app on the Google Play and Apple app stores, an excellent example. So if you’re writing a lot of work emails from your phone, you can get some helpful advice from your phone. We’re ProWritingAid does not have an app currently. And another example is that Grammarly has developed a tool specifically for businesses so that you can have a style guide and a tone. And this is helpful because then you can have a style guide and a specific technique for your writing to be consistent.

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